Smart Thermostats

When was the last time you had a conversation with your thermostat? Now you can take control of your comfort system right from your smart phone. You can also monitor and track energy consumption from your desk top computer. Have Superior’s Air Concierge monitor your system’s performance and notify you when there is a problem.

Three things that make Our Thermostat Superior:

  1. 1 Easy

    Whether you're using our simple-to-use touchscreen thermostat or accessing your system via a smart phone, ecobee makes it easy to control the comfort of your home or business. The Smart Si is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can make adjustments to your thermostat on the go from your tablet, computer, iPhone or Smart Phone. An easy to read high-resolution color display, sleek buttons, and an intuitive user interface makes it easy to quickly set a personalized program, adjust your settings and create new vacation events whenever you need to.

  2. 2 Super Smart

    Your ecobee Smart Thermostat actually pays attention to how you consume energy and figures out how you can save the most energy and money over time. It will even alert you when an issue arises. Now that's smart! The SuperSmart Si has a built-in live weather function and uses advanced algorithms so you can be sure your thermostat is always saving the most energy possible. (Now that’s smart!) Automatic alerts and reminders notify you when your HVAC equipment is due for service, if there is an equipment malfunction or when it’s time to change your filter, so you don’t have to worry about it.

  3. 3 Green

    Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for over 50% of your energy usage? A recent study estimated that the average ecobee homeowner saved 26% on their heating and cooling energy costs versus the benchmark of leaving their thermostat on hold at 72 degrees Fahrenheit.