Environmental Responsibility

Indoor Heating & Cooling Systems Envied by Mother Nature

With regard to indoor comfort, every homeowner wants their HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) system to provide the perfect balance of optimum temperature control, enhanced indoor air quality, and maximum energy savings, coupled with dependable and reliable operation. Today more and more homeowners want their HVAC system to be environmentally friendly or defined as ‘green’.

As a leading HVAC manufacturer, everyone associated with Superior Air heating and cooling products shares the same quality, comfort, economical, and environmental goals as homeowners. Since the first day of operation, the folks at the Superior Air brand have been focused on building high-quality heating and cooling products that deliver outstanding comfort, money-saving efficiency ratings, and durable systems that are refreshingly affordable. As a result, millions and millions of homeowners agree Superior Air truly is“Where your Comfort Zone Comes First’

Today any central air conditioner or heat pump manufactured in North America must contain R-410A refrigerant if the unit is charged during the manufacturing process. The refrigerant, R-410A, was developed in response to an agreement between numerous countries (known as the Montreal Protocol) that stated that those countries from around the world would move toward discontinuing the use of hydrochlorofluorocarbon-based (HCFC) refrigerants. HCFCs are widely accepted to be ozone-depleting chemical compounds. R-410A refrigerant a non-HCFC-based refrigerant is chlorine free.

The entire Superior Air brand of central air conditioners and heat pumps utilize R-410A refrigerant. In addition, several Superior Air brand air conditioners and heat pumps feature a SmartCoil® 5mm copper tube condensing coil. Compared to the standard 3/8’s inch copper tubing, the SmartCoil allows for fewer pounds of refrigerant to be used in each unit. Because of the smaller tubing size, Superior Air’sSmartCoil units are smaller in size compared to 3/8" tubing units.