Never Heard Of Superior Air

What is in a name?

Superior Air is an exclusive offering of Superior Heating & Air Inc. Superior Heating & Air introduced a new line of heating and air conditioning equipment designed specifically for the Hilton Head & Surrounding area’s climate. Climate varies dramatically across the country, and manufacturers tend to build one-size-fits-all products. The low Country’s conditions are unique enough that Superior Heating & Air decided to design a system specifically for the low country. Superior Heating & Air worked with manufacturers to produce a product to their specifications. Once Superior Heating & Air finished design they thought it was only fitting if they had the line of Equipment branded with Superior Air

No, Superior Heating and Air is not pumping out air conditioners off an assembly line in Bluffton. Superior Heating & Air took advantage of their massive buying power and convinced the manufactures to help them take the best features of a few different lines of equipment and matched them together for a climate & contractor specific heating & Air conditioning design. Since Superior Heating & Air worked directly with the factory all systems are and will be recognized, and warrantied by the factory. The unique position for Superior Heating & Air is that their design and factory certified training through their own equipment line has allowed them to carry features, benefits & warranty’s that no one else in the country can offer. Although the line is recognized & backed by the factory these systems are only available exclusively through Superior Heating & Air Inc.

The truth is some people may never hear of Superior air or its parent company. That’s because for over three decades Superior Air’s parent company has concentrated on things more important than simple brand-recognition consumer advertising. This savings in branded marketing may not put them top of mind. However; with their main focus on the design, engineering, and manufacture of dependable products they were able to help millions and millions of homeowners achieve reliable, high-quality, and affordable indoor comfort. Although you may not see our Brand plastered all over the media we can proudly say that our brand is currently the industry’s largest manufacture of residential Heating & cooling products.